3D Preparation For Your House Sale!

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That's right there are three dimensions to getting your house ready to sell!  The sooner you start, the happier you will be as you do it- don't leave it till 2 days before pictures are to be taken!  I tell my clients, "Follow this guidance and I will already have saved you 500 to $1,000.00 dollars."  Remember, buyers buy on emotion, and a dirty, unkempt house can quickly  send buyers back out the door quicker than you can say "Clean it up!"

Do these three things (all related) to make life easier for your house sale:

 • Deep Clean: YES!  Deep as in all floors, carpets, tile- in the house, anywhere. At a minimum, any wood/laminate floors swept and preferably mopped/cleaned with a product appropriate to the material of the floor.  Hardwood flooring, which is so popular today will respond especially well to any product that cleans and brings out the shine of the grains in the wood! Make your floors gleam and your carpets clean- and that means all doggie or kittie spots!  In the bathroom, pay special attention to the tub-shower and get rid of ANY mold/mildew and yellowing and any lime deposits around fixtures from hard water.  Wash all mirrors, clean the stool, and be sure the drain functions well- you don't want a buyer's inspector to raise any red- or yellow flags!

 • Declutter: Keep this guideline in mind:  You are helping someone else to purchase their next home, NOT purchase your home!   Think about it, the key is to help the buyer see themselves in (what used to be) your house which you hope will soon be their home.   That means not 15 family pictures in the hall- maybe 1 or 2, maybe none.  That means moving wall hangings around or taking most of them off in order to be sure the room they are in presents well. That means 2 items on the mantle- not 7 and 4 chairs around the table, not 8, etc. Do you get the picture?  All rooms need to be as fully emptied as possible with just the key items to adequately stage the house!  And when you work with me you get the free services of my awesome, professional Staging Designer, and statistically staged homes sell quickly and for more money.

 • De-personalize: Very related to the above, with the focus on getting rid of (or storing) things that are apt to be loved by you, but maybe not other buyers. This could be guns, deer heads, war paraphernalia, sports items, trophies, medals, pictures of teams, and various "action shots", etc. Again, there is nothing wrong with these items, it's just that they could take away from the buyer's engagement with the home and individual rooms. The last thing you want is for someone looking at your living room and spending 3 minutes trying to figure how old you were in that track team photo or which dog is which in the hunting picture. 


To do the last two items you'll need a storage area to keep these things that you are "taking out of the picture" so to speak. Of course, you may find you actually want to get rid of some "stuff" as well- fancy that! I think most of this is common sense and yet you'd be surprised at how long it can take to do this and how much it will actually help to make rooms look bigger and better!

Take this "3-D" approach to preparation for your house sale- and both you and your potential buyer will be so glad you did- and you'll likely be rewarded with a stronger purchase price!  


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