Buying a Home- What to Look for in a Realtor?

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Buying a Home- What to Look for in a Realtor?


Picking up from the last article on "What Should You Look For in a Realtor?" Here several considerations on the Buyer-side. Ask:

1. Is there a price range you typically work in?

In addition to being a neighborhood expert, your agent should do a portion of their business with home buyers in your price range. There are different challenges and negotiation and pricing strategies that can arise at different price points.

2. Have you ever recommended that a buyer not buy a property? Why?

An agent working in your best interest will be honest with you about when to pass on a house that has perhaps a significant current or future repair issues. You may be "ready to write" (as in a purchase agreement) and a trustworthy agent will say, "Have you considered....?" Of course, it's your final decision- and a good agent will not hesitate to raise the red flag when warranted.

3. How many other clients are you working with?

This is a two-edged sword of sorts. On the one hand, if a person is busy, he/she is likely to be at the very least a persistent agent who markets and follows up well. On the other hand, you are looking for quality one: one time and superior client service. Be sure to ask how they plan to work with you specifically.

4. Are you a good agent for first-time buyers?

First-time home buyers face specific challenges. Be sure to ask questions about how they work in specific ways with the first time buyer. Generally, if they take an "inform and educate" approach you are on the right track. They should also have access to an array of lenders for various buyer needs.

5. How will you find the homes that match my criteria?

A good Realtor consultant will not just use the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) — a regional database of registered property listings — to help you find a home. They also keep track of listings through colleagues, door-knocking neighborhoods to find the right properties for their buyers. They’ll also work their industry connections through various social media networks. I use at least two specific Facebook groups and another platform to get my Buyers to access to "pre-list" inventory.

I trust this will help you as you seek to find your next home!

And please let me know how I can serve you.