Phone Calling- It's What We Do!

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We all know what year it is and how far we've come technologically and with all that means for the marketing (sales) process. We have multiple search engines crawling websites and feeding back data as quick as you can tap your fingers on the keyboard.

The phrase "Google it" has become synonymous with- find out the answer! When we list a home/property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), it is no longer going into a notebook with typed out pages of listings being circulated to those Realtors who could (pay) to get their hands on it. Listings are rarely placed in the "Ads" section of the local paper- and even if they are, few people are looking there. No, those listings are now blasted out to websites including the "big ones" like, Zillow, and Trulia (which is owned by Zillow) and also hundreds of others.  Marketing has truly changed and for the most part, all the new digital strategies are helpful to the sales process.


It's no longer just the "Three P's" of- Place it on the MLS, Post in the ground,- and Pray! We still do those and I, for one, consider it part of my work (and a privilege) to be praying for my clients as they face other various challenges in life along with the home sale or purchase part. Yes, as Bob Dylan sang "The Times, They Are A Changin." 

They are changing- and they are NOT.

 What about the phone- and making phone calls, what place does that have in the real estate sales process these days? 

It's my general observation that a lot of Realtors would just as soon not pick up the phone and make calls- ANY kind of calls related to lead generation and lead follow up- myself included some days. It's amazing how many distractions get in the way of "dialing for dollars" as I used to call it. I might think, "Let's see, I need to check the weather, text my wife, sweep the floor of my office, talk to my admin. follow up on email- anything but that phone!"  


While the look, size, and capabilities of the phone have drastically changed over the decades- one thing has not: It's the ability to connect you, person to person (remember telling the operator..." I'd like to place a person to person call to _____?")  to well, another person!  We are actually able to engage another human being in a more personal, relational- and hopefully helpful way. I like that and once I get through 2-3 calls they become the calling catalyst to go right through a long list!  And you know what? In terms of the sales process- moving people through our "pipeline" and getting the word out about our properties- It DOES make a difference.  For example, the past 2-3 Saturdays I have had homes go to market later in the week and normally an open house on a Saturday or Sunday. So Friday or Saturday I will go through my MLS list and make "reverse prospecting" calls. Without going into detail- it allows me to see digitally who is "clicking" on my properties on the MLS - and how they rate them.  I then have an agent phone number and email associated with that person's digital "footprint"  and I can reach out to that agent and let them know that their client has looked at it and maybe designated it one they love or like. 


Then, I start dialing- and I always leave a message, and normally I follow up with a text.   And do you know I have discovered:

1. It works to get people to my listings for open houses and/or showings- and more importantly sales!

2. Not many other realtors sound like they're doing it. In the last two weeks, I have counted 5 specific times where different agents I was calling have remarked something like, "Wow, I'm impressed that you even do this kind of calling..." or " "I've been doing real estate for 20 yrs and I don't know if anyone's ever done this type of calling.." Part of me wants to say, "Are you kidding...agents don't make these kinds of phone calls?" 

I share this not to "toot my own horn"- I share it to say- Calling people WORKS and calling (should be) what we (Realtors) DO! Or, perhaps I should say, "It's what we should do!"  Ours is the business of selling through consultancy and contact with the public, clients, and other agents.  Much as I dislike it (some days, not many) I need to (and WILL) pick up the phone to call, call, call- Paul Calls.

It's what we do!





PS I'd love to call on your behalf as well- please reach out through text, email, or CALL- if you give me your number- I will call you!